why atlas?

There are many companies in the rock bit industry that claim to have the largest inventory, or be the largest buyer of material. Atlas Rock Bit does not make any of these claims, but does welcome anyone to visit the facilities and make their own comparisons of Atlas’ inventory and the inventory of any other company in the world. Atlas has bits in sizes from 2 7⁄8 inches to 36 inches. In most sizes, Atlas has a good inventory in both mill tooth and tungsten carbide insert bits.

The inventory consists of new surplus, rerun and rebuilt bits. Atlas Rock Bit has new bits manufactured by all four of the major companies (Hughes, Smith, Reed, and Security) as well as the smaller bit companies and those from foreign manufacturers. In the rerun and rebuilt bits, Atlas also has all types and name brands, including many types that are no longer in production. The bits that are selected to be repaired and re-tipped are only good quality, but dull bits with good bearings. Only the highest quality materials are used to repair or re-tip these bits.

Our History

Atlas Rock Bit Service began operations and incorporated in 1972. Starting with only E.O. Waitman and his sons, they began working out of a small barn near Tuttle, Oklahoma. The company was incorporated in 1972.

In 1988, Atlas purchased the SW3 and SW6 line of hole openers from Drilco. As a result of this acquisition, Atlas Rock Bit acquired an excellent supply of factory hole openers available for rental or sale at all times. In addition to the factory hole openers, any size and type of split bit hole opener can be built to your specifications. The body can be made any length with boxes and pins of any size.

Our Future

Today, Atlas Rock Bit Service has a full-time work force of 15 employees. The office and warehouses are located in southwest Oklahoma City with close proximity to Will Rogers World Airport. In addition to the main facilities, Atlas has agents in the Middle East and Asia. The sales team force at Atlas consists of Mike Waitman, Michael Waitman, Matt Waitman and Ben Irvin. The sales staff has a combined sales experience in the rock bit industry of over 110 years. When you call Atlas to speak to someone in sales, you will speak with a knowledgeable sales person, not someone reading you a quote from a price list.

Atlas Rock Bit Service has been active in the international market since 1981. The international department at Atlas Rock Bit has become a very vital part of our business and an very active player in the worldwide market. Atlas purchases, as well as sells, bits and hole openers on five continents and will travel anywhere to look at new, surplus or used bits.